Star and Stripes

Having an abundance of woodland trails to explore and being a lover of winter, with overcast days of heavy snowfall being followed by bright sunny nearly cloudless ones, I was taken by the lovely patterns that leafless trees were casting on nearly virgin snowscapes and … Continue readingStar and Stripes

A Ghostly Walk

Here it is, another winter (2022) and I’m posting again after a fallow uninspiring summer. There is something about the winter that gets my juices flowing. While others are dreaming of white sands and bathing suits, I’m relishing the bracing fresh air and frostiness of … Continue readingA Ghostly Walk

A Winter Wonder Walk

This is the winter of 2020/21 when we each find ourselves isolated from friends and family. All normal activities have been suspended while the world tries to figure out how to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve always been a walker but now I have … Continue readingA Winter Wonder Walk

Fogo Island, NL

Newfoundland is one of my favourite places, of those I’ve visited…so far. It’s rugged landscape, treacherous waters and harsh weather have fashioned a people of a generous and resourceful nature with values roundly rooted in honesty, hard-work and equally hard play. A people easy to … Continue readingFogo Island, NL

my First Post

One of the projects I set myself during the pandemic was to build a website to show my photographs. Well, finally, here it is. It was a steep learning curve and I’m sure there is much that I can do to improve it still. However, … Continue readingmy First Post