Fogo Island, NL

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An imposing piece of architecture, the Inn has become the signature landmark of the island.

Newfoundland is one of my favourite places, of those I’ve visited…so far. It’s rugged landscape, treacherous waters and harsh weather have fashioned a people of a generous and resourceful nature with values roundly rooted in honesty, hard-work and equally hard play. A people easy to love.

On the western shore of Newfoundland is Fogo Island, not that far from Twillingate, if you know where that is. Fogo Island has the distinction of being host to one of the four corners of the flat earth. (You didn’t know the earth was flat?! Well, check out the Flat Earth Society then). This corner of the flat earth is called Brimstone Head and you can climb to the top and see forever, if the fog’s not in, that is. At the top of Brimstone is a map displaying all four corners and you can find out what the other three corners are.

But being a corner of the flat earth is not enough for Fogo Island. Oh, no. It also boasts one of the finest luxury hotels in the world, a genuine 5-star hotel, called, coincidentally enough, the Fogo Island Inn, seen above. If you really want to get away from it all and have an appropriately-sized pocketbook, this may be the place for you. No expense is spared to provide a unique and special stay but be sure to check the rates and availability first. This is not a place where you can just pull up to the door and expect to get a room…or even a meal.

Fogo Island Inn was built in 2013 and while being thoroughly modern, it is also ecological and self-sustaining. It is part of the landscape but has no impact on the land itself and was crafted using local knowledge and skills. The Inn is owned by a Canadian charitable foundation (and here I quote the architect, Todd Saunders) “with the aim of fostering cultural and economic resilience for this traditional fishing community.” It is a piece of art. I hope you see that way too.

You can see more of Fogo Island in the Fogo Island gallery under the Places Collection. or click here.

10 Replies to “Fogo Island, NL”

  1. Such a fascinating place that I am unlikely to get to, so for that reason I am really grateful to you for sharing these photos. The other 3 corners, eh? Hmmm. I am asking myself how you know you can’t just pull up at the door and ask for a meal?? In any case I am sure the Fogo Inn experience would be a thrilling one even for the most jaded of rich globetrotters. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Ellie….and I know about the meal and rates because I asked. To stay there, one needs deep pockets and lunch is a possibility for us other folk only if we have made a reservation, often months before.

    1. Glad you like it, Alison. You would expect the view from one of the corners of the flat earth to be a good one…and, as you see, it is – on a clear day.

  3. Magnificent collection Janet! The contrasts in the shot of the Inn is spectacular. Love that the birds were flying by!

  4. Wow what a great shot ! I also love Newfoundland and wish I’d made it to Fogo Island while I was there !

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