Winter Wonder Walk II

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Nothing is more glorious than when the sun puts in an appearance on a cold winter’s day.

As you will have learned from my previous post, I very much enjoy the winter – the snow, the cold, the whole shebang. So this is part two of the walks that I have been taking with my dogs along some of the many trails that meander through the hills and valleys around my little town in Ontario.

After endless days of cloud and snowy skies, what a treat it is when the sun puts in an appearance, as it did on this particular day not too long ago. As the rays work their way between the skeletal branches deeper into the forest, it’s as if a spot light is shining down – so bright at the entrance, then bouncing off the white snow to illuminate the darkness of the buried woods. Also noticeable is the change in colours brought by the sun. You can feel the heat in the oranges and yellows in the illuminated parts versus the cold blues of the shadows. This is special too, marking the shift between the black-and-white days and the colourful sunlit ones.

I will continue my winter walks as long as Mother Nature chooses to lavish more snow on us and the cold remains to keep it on the ground. Wherever you are, be it confined to your home, or able to enjoy urban walks or rural walks of your own, my hope is that these photos will allow you to experience some of the winter wonder I am finding this year near me.

To see the whole gallery please click here or find the gallery under Collections, then Scenics from my home page.

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    1. Thank you, Steve. I, too, would like nothing better than to take a winter wonder walk with you and Ellie. It would make the walk all that more wonderful.

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