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The sun is bursting to get out from behind its bars.

The sun is bursting to get out from behind its bars.
The sun is bursting to get out from behind its bars.

Having an abundance of woodland trails to explore and being a lover of winter, with overcast days of heavy snowfall being followed by bright sunny nearly cloudless ones, I was taken by the lovely patterns that leafless trees were casting on nearly virgin snowscapes and with the sun bursting boldly through the trees’ naked branches shooting its rays in all directions. And so, this project was conceived.

I think the name is self-explanatory, the stripes being the long shadows cast by the sun, our star. Obviously the sun does not appear in every shot but it is there, off stage so to speak, Without it, the stripes would not have been possible. The titles reflect the dominant feature in the photo.

As you sift through the images, my hope is that you will experience some of the quiet joy that I experience on my winter wanders where nature’s silence plays like a Bach Oratorio in the mind and it’s visual masterpieces are hung everywhere the eye looks.

To view the full gallery, Click here or go to ‘Landscapes in ‘Scenics’ under ‘Collections’ from the home screen menu. You will find ‘Stars and Stripes’ there. Be sure to subscribe to this website and to let me know what you think. Considered criticism is always welcome.

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  1. These are truly lovely winter scenes, Janet. I will take a closer look, but wanted to make a comment before I leave the post. I’m so glad you are able to get out into this winter wonderland.

  2. Love your capture of sun, light, trees and snow. Your photos showcase a perspective that one doesn’t always stop and take in on trail walks.

    Beautiful work Janet!

  3. Oh Janet….these are fantastic! You capture the beauty and magnificence of winter so wonderfully…..the calm and peacefulness of nature….. splendid! As a snow lover as well, I love this collection. Thanks for your art! Suzanne

  4. Hi Janet:
    Great photo capturing the beauty and stillness of winter.
    I see a splash of green generated by the conifers within
    this grouping.


  5. We do love the way the sun is peaking through the trees. Picture perfect on a winter day! A hint of colour let’s us know spring is coming.

  6. Lovely Janet! Just getting around to view now. When I was at Friday Harbour they had a nature trail very similar to what was in the pictures. I usually did the route twice, once to view the shadows and snow formation and enjoy the quiet, and the second time for a power walk! At every turn there seemed to be a photo op! Very nice groupings of your theme!

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