About the Photographer

Some years back, a friend of mine, a photojournalist, lent me a camera, an analogue camera, for the day. It was, as I recall, a couple of weeks before the camera was returned. My first discovery was that it takes longer than a day, longer than a week…or even two, to get the hang of the contraption. This was in the days before the instant feedback of digital photography. However, I loved the results, in simple black and white. My curiosity had been piqued. I loved the lines, the textures, the shading and the way the camera picks out certain aspects of the subject and ignores others. The camera had an entirely different way of seeing things…and I liked it.

What came back from having the film developed could, at times, be a letdown. So in an effort to learn how to get more control over the end product and to get closer to my vision of what I thought the camera had seen (or what I had seen through the camera lens), I learned to develop and print my own film – in the darkroom. That was my next discovery, the thrill of seeing a translucent image come to life on paper under the darkroom light.

Then along came digital photography..and what a journey that has been. However, the learning is faster, as are the developments in camera technology… which means the learning never ends. And so, I went from ever more expensive 35mm DSLR cameras with increasingly larger pro lenses to the point where I stopped photographing altogether. The gear was too heavy for me to lug around on my explorations. However, both good and bad, the darkroom was now on my computer and the technical developments on that front, were coming fast and furious as well. Another steep learning curve which also never ends.

Next to come along were the mirrorless cameras, micro four-thirds mirrorless, which for me meant less weight and less bulk, certainly not less money, and the love of photography was rekindled. That was the best discovery of all, because now I’m back on track to exploring the wonders of the world anew.

And now, through this website, I am able to properly share them with you.